Morgan and tell him what has been
done as far as my part is concerned.
Now for a series of remarks which I have
as Captain Cuttle says "when found made
a note of." The numbers refer at first to those in your
1. As to the nomenclature, I do not think
that any misunderstanding can arise
from my use of the terms family [underlined], division[underlined]
clan, [underlined], tribe, [underlined] as I use them and as I have
endeavoured to define their meaning.
In speaking generally of the whole subject as
dealt with in our Essay I agree that the terms
gens, phratry, tribe are best but I don't
see very well how to use them in my part.
If however you think this should be done
for the sake of uniformity - by all means
substitute these latter for my former terms
where they occur. I shall be quite willing but shall
regret the trouble to you.

2. I evidently did not explain myself clearly as to
footnotes. I was under the impression that you
intended to collect all your footnotes together
at the end of your essay - as for instance is done
in editions of Waverley novels - Mrs Somerville's
Connection of the Physical Sciences (I am not sure of the title

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