was that I think my informant called them
"cousins" - He said "they are like our
cousins" - but I remember that the Kurni
recognise no cousins although in the
"pairing family" they might do so; and as
you have shown there can be no
cousins [among - crossed out] in the other system
I wait for your appendix before hazarding
any more remarks.
8. Your offer as to my manuscript is most generous
and I accept it in the spirit in which it is offered.
I have endeavoured to write my clean copy as
well as possible but I fear at the best it is but
bad. If it will pass muster all the better
- if you think the printers will become fogged
- well! Then I fear you will have to undertake
your most kind but most troublesome office
of scribe. I fear that my hand must not
only be [??] bad but that constant
scribbling had made it worse - it has
resulted in a kind of shorthand to keep
pace with thought.

9. Now as to Eumenides. I enclose the
two communications which my friend here
made me on the subject. The term
seems if the reference had been looked
up at the right passage (I think it is)
?ŏμuμov - [?the same Word?]. If any
more is wanted let me know. I hope
to write soon. I enclose a photo of my wife
she hopes Mrs Fison will place in her
I shall then "not feel lonely"
Yours faithfully
A W Howitt

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