[Written at top of page]
Your letter
27th Feby to hand
I congratulate you
on your successes
+ wish I could see
a similar prospect
for my work. My
share will be
completed by
the Greek [??]
Fortunately I have
something of the bulldog
in me and don't
let go a thing I have
taken hold of - and
would throw it up in
I note in your chart
two [??] [??]
Herbert River and
Dieri tribes. I have
[?told?] them and
sent messages.
Your chart
I enclose a tracing.
Yours faithfully

Sale March 18 1879

My dear Mr Fison
My wife sent me your letter of date unknown
from Bua which I had been looking out for. I now
begin by answering points in it requiring attention.
Where I do not refer to your remarks I thereby assent.
1. I am under immenst obligation to you for your
patient emendation of my inscrutable calligraphy - I
am truly grateful to you. I am always conscious of having
done that work in the pressure of our work and only
wonder that it was not untterly imperfect
2. Table C I think you have placed it in the proper spot.
I will write Morgan assenting to your arrangement.
3. These words were as follows "were colonies in the"
4. I sent to Morgan your sketch map with
the localities marked - but no boundaries of districts
and had nonesuch. The Herbert River [is in- crossed out]] rises in
20ᵒ SL 138ᵒEL on the boundary between Queensland
and Northern Territory runs north and forms the
O'Shannassay which is a tributary of the Albert
I give this as I had much difficulty in finding it out.
I have told my wife to send one to you at once a
very good skeleton map of Australia which my
little girls use in their school lessons. You can fill
the places in and send it to Morgan.
5. Entozoa - These parasites are found universally
wherever there is a vacant place in nature. They infect
all creatures - what is the quotation about "big fleas
with little fleas to bite 'em". My point was not
clearly brought out - the entozoa affecting the kangaroo
seem to be Flake (Distomi hepaticum) and
Hydatids (cysterecese +c - Echinicoccus +c) which
[are - crossed out] belong to the European domesticated herbivore
animals. My point is that these Entozoa have been
The Rev Lorimer Fison

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