[written across top of page]
I enclose my
first reply to
yours. I delayed
it as I met
Tulaba when in
the act of posting it
and questioned
him as to

April 17 1879

My dear Mr Fison
The circulars have just arrived
I will proceed to distribute them by at
once writing to Mr Todd and to
Carpenteria. I think they ought to
answer the [??] [??] purpose
I have often used the the "[??] sheets"

As to Bulleranang
The rule is here "the son of [the- crossed out] some
brebba yukan (other or almost mother)
is Bulleranang - the daughter of the
above is Krauun." This is as the
rule has been stated to me but
it must be thus modified
1st instance The Bulleranang
was the mother's brother's son
2nd instance The Bulleranang
was the Father's, mother's, brother's son

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