slighted. I found an opening to apply a very
delicate hint as to the cost of publishing I only hope
that like yours to your friend it may not prove too
delicate to transmit an [??] to his sensorium
As soon as I hear more I shall write you
and shall telegraph whenever I have
decided upon anything with Robertson

I shall be glad in one way to have
to see the work through the press - (for I do not
intend to ask any one to do that for us) as I
want to add a little -"here a little and there
a little"; and the rest can wait until our
real work. I have been contemplating
reviewing all that has been said by travellers
and stress - of the egregious ass kind - as
to the Australian and of endeavouring to show
what it really means according to my lights.
By the Bye I met the other day with the astounding
statement made by de Quatrefages the French Anthropologist
that Buckley "the wild white man" civilized the aborigines
of Port Phillip! As I had just read Mr Buckley's narrative
I was struck "muchly" by this remarkable statement.

Now finally as to expense- Berry and co have
not quite drained me although I may tell you in confidence
that between Black Wednesday and the removal to Sale and one thing
and another [and- crossed out] I am some £300 a poorer man than I ought
to have been - so that as we are to publish I claim my
rights as a member of the firm to share expense. We will
share and share alike - if we make anything so much the
better - if not well then - I don't expect to so I shall not be
disappointed. Excuse me as I am rather tired having
been in court today for seven hours hearing two lawyers
fight every inch of a cattle stealing case.
Yours faithfully
A W Howitt

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