tip70-10-33-3 Howitt to Fison 15/5/1873



Eastwood Bairnsdale May 15 1873

Lorimer Fison Esqr Burwood road Hawthorn Melbourne

Dear Sir

In accordance with the wish expressed in your letter in "Australasian" of last week I forward to you over leaf the native words for the list of terms given by you so far as I am able to procure them.

They are in the language used by the Aboriginal natives of that part of north Gippsland comprising the Mitchell, Nicholson and Tambo rivers and the Lakes

I am Dear Sir Yours very truly A. W. Howitt

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1 My Father - Mung-an, nittal 2 [ditto] Mother - yuck-an, down [son - crossed out] 3 [ditto] son - leet a nittal 5 [ditto] elder Brother - turndee down (turndung (is) = brother) 6 [ditto] younger Brother - bean buttung {or bramung, nittalung 7 [ditto] elder Sister - lurndee down {or bramung down 8 [ditto] younger sister - bowung down 9 [ditto] father's brother - brebba mung-an, nittal 10 [ditto] father's sister - mummung} or } down baint bin} 11 [ditto] mother's sister - yuckun down 12 [ditto] mother's brother - 13 [ditto] brother's son My wife - wrookut nittal rung [ditto] wife's sister wrookut nittal nung [ditto] mother's mother - cookun down [ditto] grandfather - waintdown [ditto] grandmother - nallungdown

NB I believe No 13 is "leet a nittal" ie "my son" The word "brebba" is translated by the blacks as "another one" - thus "brebba mungan nittal -another one father".

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P.S. I shall be happy to furnish any other information in my power if you will point out the direction of the inquiry AWH

Bowung - younger sister memo

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