1 My Father - Mung-an, nittal
2 [ditto] Mother - yuck-an, down
[son - crossed out]
3 [ditto] son - leet a nittal
5 [ditto] elder Brother - turndee down (turndung (is) = brother)
6 [ditto] younger Brother - bean buttung {or bramung, nittalung
7 [ditto] elder Sister - lurndee down {or bramung down
8 [ditto] younger sister - bowung down
9 [ditto] father's brother - brebba mung-an, nittal
10 [ditto] father's sister - mummung}
or } down
baint bin}
11 [ditto] mother's sister - yuckun down
12 [ditto] mother's brother -
13 [ditto] brother's son -
My wife - wrookut nittal rung
[ditto] wife's sister wrookut nittal nung
[ditto] mother's mother - cookun down
[ditto] grandfather - waintdown
[ditto] grandmother - nallungdown

NB I believe No 13 is "leet a nittal" ie "my son"
The word "brebba" is translated by the blacks
as "another one" - thus "brebba mungan nittal
-another one father".

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