No 14 Appa +} Eastwood
Owie Bairnsdale
July 7 1873

The Revd Lorimer Fison

My dear Sir
In case you may not have sent
off your letter to Mr Homan I may
mention a few facts which possibly may
be of interest in connection with your enquiries
among the blacks of his district.

The Dieri - or "Deary"which to my mind
more fully expresses the sound of the word are
the Aborigines who live in the freshwater lakes
with which the floodwaters of Coopers Creek flow
and also above the borders of the chain of
salt lakes, known as the Lake Torrens basin.
Their principal resort is at Lake Hope
the Bando pinna or Great Lake.
You will probably recognize the word pinna
in the name for old man or father
"pinnaroo". On the lower part of
Strelezki's creek [sic] and the salt lakes
near it are the "Tinga-tingana"natives.

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