those speaking the language in which
it is called "owie" or "cowie" (South
- "the Hill tribes". There the
sections of the Aborigines meet at the
Salt lakes and I think have extended
from different points. Those saying "appa"
have come down the Cooper's creek waters;
and those saying "owie" from the westward;
for I find this word extending westward
through [the -crossed out] South Australia round the Great
Australian Bight
to Western Australia.
These languages again differ from those
of the Darling where water is "oko" - differs
so much that among the Yantruwuntas
it was a standing joke against their neighbours
of the Barrier Ranges that they called "a snake
fire". The Darling word for snake being touro
and the Coopers creek word for fire sance.
I may note that here the words are
-Fire towra - snake tur-rung.

Occasionally natives of Sturts desert
the "Murda pinna" of the Aborigines
will go down to Lake Hope and in
all probability in this way the

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