relationships of the aborigines of
Wills' creek (now called the
Diamantina River) north of Sturts
will be obtainable.

As to the Totems. Purdy (the ant)
belonged to Lake Hope. Pitchery and
Pitchery [?cerno milee?] - (Pitchery is a narcotic
herb - the second name is Pitchery of the one eye)
Mungallee (the Lizard) Tchukurer (the
Kangaroo) were Yantruwuntas,
belonging to [?Callion-maroo?] at Coopers
- my old Depot

I will as soon as I can, enlighten you
on the questions you have raised - but
I may say as a preliminary that my Barbuck
calls me Leet and my mummung calls
me Baingun (the g is hard) and that the
husband of my mummung is my Barbuck
and the wife of my Barbuck is my Mummung.

I have taken steps to procure if possible the
relationships +c of an almost extinct half savage tribe
called the Bidwell which lived in the dense jungly
country between Maneroo and the sea. Also of the Maneroo
natives and of the Omeo tribe. Of the Bidwell blacks
I think two remain, and of the Omeo tribe one woman.
As soon as I hear anything I will write.

I am my dear Sir
Yours sincerely
A W Howitt

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