I have strong hopes that I have at last
tapped the Coopers Creek resevoir. I have
two correspondants who will I think work
for us willingly; and triumph of triumphs
I have even extracted valuable information
out of that Lutheran Donkey Vogelsang at
Kopperamanna. He says thusly:
"the question mina mordu? x. This question or rather
this degree (grad) is connected with eating and
with hospitality; for instance when stranger blacks
arrive it is asked "what are you? Bird, Kangaroo,
Rat, Mouse? All those who are thus of the same name
go into one camp (hütte), eat and live together
and even lend to each other their women (wives -
Frauen) - I should require a very long list to describe
to you all these different classes of mordu and I
believe that it would have very little interest for you."
that in respect to "stranger blacks" is important and I shall
now try to get him to tell me more there upon- as also to give me
the list of Mordus which he supposes would have little interest
for me. The point of the joke is that it is this very list I have been
writing to him about so long. However now that I have penetrated
his thick hide I have some hope even for him. It was a [lucky - crossed out] "Happy
thought" of mine to write to him a polite note in German - as the
Yankees say - "it fetched him." I only wrote the note after the
manner of a progress Report - you will hear again
when I return from Melbourne
Yours faithfully
AW Howitt

x The question really is Mina Mordu? What is your
class? (mordu is really "taste" but I freely translate it)

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