very pleased to congratulate you
upon it. It is clear and logical
and will I think be so hard
a nut for Lubbock & McLennan
that all they will be able to do
after breaking their teeth over it
+ will be to deal in abuse.
Although I always avoid warfare
if I can - I am nevertheless much
of the nature of these Englishmen
who were said never to know
when they were beaten. I
entirely concur with your paper
excepting as to the Degraditive
theory. You and I agree up to
a certain period in [many - crossed out]
mans early history - there you
stop and I go ahead or rather
backward. That part of your
memoir is the only one in
which according to my no doubt
perverted view you have
not been perfect and
consistently logical. ---

I suppose you will not
object to my saying a few
words in the Degenerative theory.

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