Sale June 8 1880

My dear Mr Fison
Your three letters of May 14, 18, 24 arrived early
yesterday. This morning also a post card from the Rev J Horsley
saying that he is prepared to exchange cheque for draft.
First of all let me say how pleased I was to see your hand once more
for we had seriously begun to conjecture whether or no you had not
taken temporary quarters in a certain Hotel at Levuka
where regulations perchance did not permit letter writing.
Before reporting progress I must note your letters. I am much relieved
at your approval of my movements financial and otherwise. They
have been much of a burden to my mind and are so still as I fear
that the expense will be somewhat more thanI had calculated
upon. For instance I have at the last moment had to make
several author's corrections which I know will be expensive, but
I only did so after serious consultation with our other "pardner"
who strongly urged even "unnecessary caution" as we are sure to be
attacked whenever a plate your armour is loose. It was even
pointed out to me as an extra cause for careful scrutiny of the
proofs that R.B.S. would be very bitter because his work is in no
way referred to. I was bound to admit the truth of this. However
I shall be careful as I can, you may be sure. I have however
another care. This is that after all the arrangement of this work
might be improved. As I have been obliged to for in adding to
my part while your was going through to the press I have
managed so cleverly that I have got my "food division"

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