From Vogelsang I have as yet no reply, I expect my last
was a tough subject for him. Finally I received a reply to a
letter more than two years old from Cloncurry River - the
writer having seen when in Sydney well before I was
engaged in publishing a book - and he therefore would
be very happy to collect information +c. there are
queer people in the world. I am meditating
when our book has been noticed by the principal
papers, Australasian, Town & Country, Queenslander +c
writing to them an appeal to their readers who
may be in a position to aid us. It may not do
much but I am in the position that I cannot leave
a stone unturned and there is that in my disposition
which has always made me "peg away" till I either
succeed in my wishes or that absolutely no
more could be done. But then there is always a doubt
about that last state being reached. I told Robertson
to send you a revise. I hope it is done. You will notice
pages of footnotes +c which want insertion. These I of
course [word crossed out] insert until I receive the revises myself (paged).

You will hear from me again soon as I
am thinking of going to Melbourne for a few days.

Yours faithfully.

AW Howitt

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