Augt 1880

When I returned home last night from my last event,
half way to Melbourne, my wife said (with a radiant countenance)
"I have three letters for you from Fison and a cheque from Morgan." I said
"What is the cheque for?" - As my wife only laughed I said "Does he send
us a hundred pounds?" You can imagine the rest. It is bad enough to be
sold by one's friends, but for my own wife to join in the side! - well it did
not hurt me much and I can enjoy a joke a [sic] well as most people.
I shall try and get rid of the cheque some way - probably by Robertson.

I had commenced to write to you and now continue - first noting your
last letters. I am again much relieved to find that not many errors have
been passed by me. I will see to the Errata finally, but what does annoy
me is to find that after all I did not make the correction re Dervet +c
I thought I had done so, I know that it haunted me. Pray put down
my shortcomings to my having too many irons in the fire. I have just had
to keep a very big one hot namely a general Election again. The fact
is that I am now working - "ploughing up to the team" as it were
and the [Ethnological - crossed out] Ethnological work is playing "cuckoo" with my
other pursuits, - I grieve sadly over my geological work which has been
pushed into second place. I would not so much care were it not
that I am dissatisfied with what I am doing; eg. the Gournditch-mara
as to which you have made me uneasy. Still I feel that exceptional as
seems their case Stahle is probably right - I cross examined him
in all ways I could think of and he still stuck to his text - beside
this the statements he makes seem to form a connected
whole. I shall see in my final revise of Summary whether I
can say anything as qualification. I know well that black fellows
will not tell many things to missionaries or indeed to any but to the
"initiated." It was only in the last two years that the Kŭrnai told me of
the secret about the "Humming" instrument and they never told

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