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The results beside the corrections in the note now sent are these:
A large tribe existed in the N.W. part of Victoria between the
Grampians, Pyrenees, Avoca, the northern Mallee scrubs
and the scrubs west of the Wimmera. It was divided into
classes - such as Mūk jarrawaint and Banjū būnnū
(for each man or woman in first was Mūk jarrawaint) and in latter
each man was Banjū būnnū - wūrnaitch and each woman
was Banjū būnnū-gŭrk) - The first class is named from
a locality- of the latter one I cannot trace the derivation yet.
Other classes existed for to which I cannot yet get data. My
informants belonged each to one of these above. They each speak
almost the same language, and are of the same totem,
(Gartchŭker)and give me the same totems as obtaining
in their clans and they each state that these totems extended
beyond their own boundaries. It looks to me
now as if we might find the following great groups.

1. Westernport, Yarra - Goulburn.
2. Victoria west of Loddon & North of Dividing Range.
3. Murray River at any rate below Echuca.
4. Geelong, Colac +c.
5. Western Victoria south of Dividing Range and west of Hopkins Rv.
6. N.E. Victoria between Goulburn Rv & Murray up to say Albury.
7. Upper Murray, Mitta Mitta, & Omeo.
8. Gippsland.

I am meditating compiling a comparative list of
words for these eight hypothetical groups.

I send also a supplementary note re Orestes; also a
condensed translation of Bachofen's main passages as to
change of descent. I [??] it hoping to get [Oxf- crossed out] Cambridge
texts of Euripides so that I could give you verses he quotes
But I don't know when I shall receive it so I wait no longer.
I have been for a very long time carrying about with me
your letter re Antigone and I cannot see any

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