[Written in the upper margin]
I shall
send your
in a day or
two when
I have noted
a few points
I want to
draw your
attention to.
Yours faithfully
A.W. Howitt

Sale Jany 26 1880

My Dear Mr Fison
Your letter of the 6th arrived the other
day and was welcome. I had been waiting for it
anxiously. I have not used the draft or rather
your order and acceptance and have now
destroyed them. I will advise you of the amount
required as soon as I know myself. I think the
500 will be enough for first edition but at any
rate I will not print more than a proportionate
number - I say proportionate as regards the
number the Royal Society may require for their
issue. I fancy that would be 260 - in that case
we should not gain much by having them
in halves. I shall therefore carry a "stiff upper lip"
as Sam Slick and insist upon my
terms with them. I expect directly to
hear from Elley who was so busy the matter
before the monthly council meeting. So soon
as I can feel that my arrangements are
completed I shall take the field by issuing
announcements of the new work and perhaps
shall issue a short prospectus. I have
thought it might be well to address
the Rev Lorimer Fison

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