prospectus to each public Library
in the colonies - their name is legion
in Victoria and I think many copies
would thus be sold. You might send me
your idea of the prospectus - adopting
your titles - the matter need not exceed
the page of this note paper printed.
As soon as I know finally I would also send
such a prospectus to America (say 25) and
to England. My friends might at [some-crossed out]
information inserted in time of the magazines,
So might Morgan. I want to thoroughly occupy
the field to the exclusion of Curr and co.

I had already considered the probability
of the Smith publishing earlier than anticipated
and this confirmed my intention to wait
for my manuscript from Morgan and
mean while [sic] to arrange my new matter. As
the affair now stands strictly we should
whether the Smith publishes or not, stay for
your rewritten matter and for the second
part off the summary of which anon.

I am pleased you like my notes
- that paragraph as to Lubbock having
an unconscious survival of the "individual"
theory - I did it "a' puppose" - the temptation
was really too strong. I expect he will

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