to speak colonially be "ropeable" that
so rampant that of a "cattle" he would
have to be roped. You are quite right
as to the sentences you quote "consanguine and
commune" - I was not satisfied myself
and am not yet to the precise terms I
shall use. I adopt with pleasure your
suggestion as to the second part of the Summary -
-shall we call it "Summary + general
conclusions" - I do not at present see
a better title. I propose to take out
most of my summary from the
Kurnai - and to expand it so as
to embrace all I want to say - I am
afraid that I shall tread on the toes
of more than Lubbock but I cannot
help it. I am now at work drafting
the skeleton of [the -crossed out] my part of the summary
and shall carry it about with me until
I have the rough draft completed.
If I have time I will send you a copy
for criticism. It is better thus and then
no one of your friends will be able
to wrongfully regard me as the "Man
of Sin."

I am not sure that I quite
agree with your note to p.46

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