[Written in the upper margin]

Excuse great
haste as I
am just off
for Bairnsdale.
Just now I am
terribly busy having
the general election
on my hands
in addition to
other things.
therefore excuse
the writing
and I daresay
of this note. AWH

Sale, July 12 1880

My dear Mr Fison
Since sending off to you my
rough notes as to Marriage by Capture I have
had it much in my mind and
in order to obtain some light if possible
from the source of light at my command.
I have written to nearly forty correspondents
in Victoria, S. Australia, NS.W and
Queensland on the subject. If you think
it advisable I suggest that you might
write to your correspondents also.
I have found much difficulty in having
such questions as should bring out the
information required. They were as follows:
1. Is marriage permitted with any woman of the tribe
or only with women of certain classes of the tribe?
2. Is it customary for a man to have more than one
wife at the same time?
3. Is the consent of the girls parents or relatives a
necessary preliminary to marriage?
4. Is it customary for the young man to run off
with his future wife without her parents consent?

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