and who will I am sure help
me. One lives atthe Cloncurry
and lately took cattle to Port Darwin
only assisted by his blackfellows
and two gins. He [??] told
how no one [are- crossed out] on the station but
his blackfellows whose language he
is said to speak perfectly. The
other lives at the Upper Burdekin,
The latter is described to me as
a protector of the blacks - the other
as much the reverse. - this seems
contradictory but I hope for
help from them. I have also promises
of help from [two-crossed out] three people who live
in the Cooper creek country.

I have written the other rough drafts
as to Marriage by Capture & McLennan
neither of which are more satisfactory to
me than I once I sent you. I shall
now wait for replies to my letters and
also for the last edition of McLennan's
book. I am waiting anxiously to hear
from you, from Ellery and from Morgan.

Did you notice how small the postage
was upon your manuscript when I returned it?
I think your post office must over charge?
Will they not take it as a "copy for the press." -
Yours faithfully
AW Howitt

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