Sale Mch 21 1880

My dear Mr Fison
The day before yesterday I received
the enclosed note from Morgan and
yesterday the manuscript arrived safely.
I think from his letter that he does not
feel hurt, what do you think. I shall
write to him tomorrow. Now for the progression
- and also a report of progress since my
1. I have paid in your draft for collection
2. I have determined upon the second
title you suggested. My wife is strongly of
opinion - for I may say that title which will
address itself for the general public as
well as to Anthropologists
3. The sequence will be
1. Indtroduction Morgan
2. Kamilaroi Marriage Fison
3. Group marriage + Relationships Fison
4. The Kurnai, their customs +c Howitt
Theory of the Kurnai +c L.F
5. Summary general conclusion Howitt
6. Appendix Food division +c AWH LF
(have you anything for this?)
4. The vignette is not yet decided upon till
I go to Melbourne

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