2. He has been to Robertson and has
heard about us and our work.
3. He wants to fish out of me what we
are going to do

I need not tell you that all he will get
out of me will be a courteous nothing.
However I am glad he has shown his
hand. I would not trust him an inch.
The last communication I had from
him was to ask me particulars as to any
methods of inquiry in reply to which I
sent him a circular asking him
to fill it in and I would then be
able to tell him something as to
the system of his tribe. I heard no
more of him till yesterday. I shall now
go over my summary very carefully and
shall put off writing out the clean copy
to the very last moment in order to
revise the drafts I sent you and also
replies from my tardy correspondents.
I have a few but I want more. I am
in the position to show that Elopement
is one of the means of producing marriage
on the Nammoi (Kamilaroi)
western Victoria (Mara tribe, Individual marriage
descent through father)

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