I have written and I also gave
him a list of questions. He has
further promised when I go to Melbourne
next month to drive me up to Coranderrk
where I will institute inquiries
myself from the Blacks there who
are I believe collected from the
four winds of heaven. The Superintendent
in charge I think must be a discourteous
pig as he has not answered my very
polite note of more than a month back.

In addition to this as my friend
has classical tastes and moreover
knows almost everybody in Melbourne
and as we got on the subject of [??]
I showed him what you say on that
topic. He also caught sight of your
note from Tristam Shandy and
laughed enormously there at. He said
"I was sure your book would be interesting
but I never anticipated any fun
out of it." He will be a walking
advertisement for us and a
good trumpeter. I do not think
I have anything much say at

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