seized upon the idea and the
title now stands with that addition.
I hope you will approve of it also.

After arranging all this I went to Sir Redmond
about getting books out of the Pub. Library.

I found far more works there than I had any
idea of - old forgotten pamphlets and essays
on the aborigines &c. About three months reading.
It is assumed that I can have out any duplicates
and that as to the other works - if I note all the
passages I want the librarian assistants are
to copy them. My "head of the firm" here and I
have been thinking that by and bye we may go to
Melbourne when we have spare time for a week
and run through the books just noting all that
is wanted. I think a week at that work by both
of us simultaneously would give the assistants
a nice little "seat of work" afterwards. I also
went to [??] and saw his library - any
works there that are not in the Pub. Lib. I can
asail myself of. I also saw his brother in law
Cur there but he did not get much out of
me - I did not get much out of him - but I did
not try - though I got a little. I think he is a
Degradationist of the Degradationists.

I came to the conclusion that there is much
of the asinine about him.

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