I also went and had two hours
talk with Hearse about our work
and I thoroughly interested him. I
think he is fully prepared to receive
our conclusions. He wanted to go at
once with the Chief Justice to the Minister
of Justice and ask that I might have
a years leave of absence given me
with a special allowance in order to
carry out "these most important researches".

I think I can see clearly that whether
I go upon a special mission or not
we shall get help and our next
work also 2 may be printed without
costing us a penny. I also had
a talk with the Chief Justice and
a long geological talk - re my
conclusions as to the Tūrndūn legend
his Palaeontological conclusions
entirely confirm those conclusions
which I have drawn from the
physical phenomenon of the
strata which I have observed in
the field. This was satisfactory and
I have given his conclusions in a
note to my own. By the bye I found a
tradition in the book of the Port Philip tribe that

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Is Tumdun = Tundun? The Tundun story is on page 493 Native Tribes SE Australia.