Once every two or three years
the natives hold a "Borah" or
general meeting of all the
inhabitants for many miles
round; sometimes even hostile
tribes sink their differences
for this time and attend it.
At these Borahs it is that
the men are passed through
the various stages, "Ando" being
changed to "Honalah" - "Honalah"
to "Mindara" etc etc, according
as they arrive at an elligible [sic]
age. The languages spoken
in the part of Queensland I
lived in are, on the Maranoa
and part of the Warego- Unghi - on
the Culgoa - Moorooary - in the
vicinity of Roma -Emun, and
Kamaillaroi is the language spoken
by some of the natives on the
borders of Queensland and
New South Wales, but more

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