1 What does the hypothetical sister of Johnny Suttons father
call him -cauhin (the father) ____
2 [ditto] Susannah call Johnny Sutton
3 [ditto] Louisa [ditto] ✓
4 [ditto] Susannah call her father ✓
5 [ditto] Susannahs father call McDonald
6 [ditto] [ditto] mother [ditto] ✓
7 [ditto] Johnny Sutton call McDonald
8 [ditto] Susannah call Emily Sutton
9 [ditto] [ditto] Robert Sutton
10 [ditto] McDonald call Louisa
11 [ditto] Louisa [ditto] McDonald
12 [ditto] Taylor [ditto] Susannah
13 [ditto] Susannah [ditto] Taylor
14 [ditto] McDonald [ditto] Susannah's father ✓
15 [ditto] [ditto] [ditto] mother ✓
16 [ditto] McDonald & Taylor call Johnny Sutton
17 [ditto] Johnny Suttons father call Emily Sutton
18 [ditto] [ditto] [ditto] Robert
19 [ditto] [ditto] mother [ditto] Emily Sutton
20 [ditto] [ditto] [ditto] Robert
21 [ditto] Louisa's father call Haggie
22 [ditto] [ditto] [ditto] Alexander ✓
23 [ditto] [ditto] mother [ditto] Haggie
24 [ditto] [ditto] [ditto] Alexander ✓

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