as parent for all the children.

The physique and general apperance [sic]
of the North Australian Natives, as well as their habits
and, customs of all kinds, weapons, mode of
warfare, +c, are in every way identical with those
of South Australia excepting that the men have
not so much beard on their faces probably from
climatic causes. The race to all apperance [sic] is a
pure one and does not show the slightest trace of
descent or admixture with the Malay, Mongolian,
or Papuyan races of the adjoining islands, although
the Malays visit the North coast of Australia
in considerable numbers annually, and have
according to their own traditions done so from time
immemorial. At Pt Essington there are a
few solitary instances of half cast [sic] Malays, but there
is no such think as a whole tribe showing trace
of mixed descent.

The able theory, propounded by Mr Wallace
the naturalist, that Australia + New Guinea have
never been joined on to Asia by land communication,
- as popularly supposed, - is correct in every respect
as far as I have seen during nearly [four crossed out] five years
experience in different parts of the Northern
including the Gulf of Carpenteria;
Mr Wallace's deductions are fully borne out by
the flora + fauna of the country.

Attempts to elevate the moral and
physical condition of the Australian aborigines
have been quite as unsuccessful in North Australia
as in South Australia, and they seem incapable
of deriving any good or benefit from contact with
civilization but have an aptitude for acquiring
its vices. After being thoroughly subjected by Europeans

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