Europeans; light labor can be obtained from them
but they are not to be depended on, and when they
have obtained or earned sufficient food for the day
nothing will induce them to continue to work.

Storing up food for future use or in any way
looking forward beyond their own immediate
daily want is utterly beyond their capacity, and the
present system of the S. A. Government in issuing a
moderate supply of food, clothing, + medicine to
the aged, infirm, + sick is perhaps the best + most
efficient system of easing the suffering of a weak race
rapidly disappearing before the stride of a stronger one,
under some undoubtedly apparent but invisable [sic] law
of nature.

Cannibalism is general amongst
all tribes until checked by Europeans and may be
divided into three classes
1st Young children that [which crossed out] have died a
natural death are generally eated
by the old men + lubras; In one
authenticated instance a mother
was caught eating her own child.
2nd Aged or infirm members of the tribe
when they become an incumberance
to the others travelling are killed
and eaten.
3rd Opponents, including white men,
when killed in battle are sometimes
cooked and drowned.

Circumcision is practiced by some
tribes but not by others. If I can assist
Messrs Fison and Howitt in any way in their
researches please be kind enough to assure them
that I shall be happy to do so. I have the honor to be
Your obedt servt
J A G Little

C Todd Esq C. M. P.
Postmaster Genl + Supt of Telegraphs

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