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Hence the diagram may
need a diferent arrange-

v. Tirarop + Jirajiok are "clean"

Can this be an amalgamation of a Kamilaroi
arranged tribe consisting of Pal. Mon. Ton. + Nok - with a Dieri
arranged one consisting of Tir. + Jiraj?
Or have we here another instance of the exceptional marriages
of Ipai + Ipatha? Can a Palarop - e.g. - marry any Nokongok?
Or is it that (say) Palarop - Emu marries Nokongok - Blacksnake?
In this case we should have a tribe divided into two primary classes
each with 3 subclasses which are again divided into totems. And the
totem overrides the class law as to two of the sub classes in each primary class.
If this be so, I suspect Palarop + Nokongok were formerly one sub
class - + so with Mondorop + Tondorop. In this case Dr. Salvado's system

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