The third schedule I am returning for my cousin
Mr C. Harper of the De Grey River, who is at present
pearling somewhere on the coast, but who I expect
to see in every day. There is a large tribe on
that river + their dialect differs very materially from
that used by the tribe on this the Harding River

I am sorry you should have been unable
to decipher my caligraphy + can assure you you
are not the first who has found difficulty on the
same score. I will therefore adopt your suggestion
of spelling Native names with the letters separate
accenting the syllables according to their pronunciation
Thus Pal or Balyahry (considerable difference
of opinion exists here as to whether P or B is
the letter used by the Natives for many of their words
some calling water pap-pa + some bab-ba)
Kimĕra (not Kimēra) Porongha, and Bannaker:

I will endeavour before I close this to make
out a short list of words shewing the De Grey
Harding + Exemouth Gulf terms for the same

If you will explain by an example the exact
sense in which you use the term reduplication
as applied to Polynesian languages I will see
what instances of it occur here.

By "Totems" I conclude you mean "chiefs" but
as far as has come under the notice of all I have
asked + of all I have seen myself nothing whatever
in the shape of chieftainship or personal superiority
exists among the Natives of this country + an
opinion advanced by a woman or child is as likely
to influence the rest as that of the oldest or
biggest amongst them.

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