28th Octr
I am rather unexpectedly on the point of
leaving here for Fremantle immediately. I have though
written Mr A. McRae + Mr Viveash to whom I gave
two of your schedules to forward them either
direct to you or to myself at the Revd Geo
The Parsonage, Fremantle + Mr Harper
will probably write you with the one I have
sent him as soon after he gets it as he can get it
accurately filled up.

I will endeavour whilst in Slacks Bay on
my to [sic] Fremantle to gather some information
as to the Natives of that locality.

All the Natives about here have more or less been
cannabalistic in their habits until the District
was settled by whites about nine years ago
I have heard men + even quite small boys
from Exemouth Gulf admit having eaten human

As you go inland up the rivers from the coast
you find the Natives all circumcised but after
you get past the De Grey the coast tribe is
so also beyond that little or nothing in Person
of the Natives either inland or on the coast
the next settlement beign Port Darwin

Regretting that I should be unable to
forward your Schedules this mail

I remain
Dear Sir
Very truly yours
Lionel H L Gould

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