Tribe Bookamba "Warrego River Blacks"

No 1 (M) Tom
[ditto] 2 F wife Kitty
[ditto]3 (M) Billy
No 4 (F) Kitty

No 1 Marries No 2 their issue are Nos 3 and 4

"Class name" and "Totems" of above

Class names Totems
No 1 Kumbo Kangaroo
No 2 Matha (Murri) opossum
No 3 Kubo do
No 4 Kubotha do

The children takes the "Totems" of their Mothers and
their mother's class names regulates that of its own
the child of an Ipai mother would take her "Totem"
and its class name would be Kumbo. The child of
a Matha (Murri) mother its class name would be Kubi and
so on. As far as I can understand the children
are of the mother Tribe and the "Totems" regulates the
marriages and is the only restriction of intersexual selection

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