29 Aug. '01

[written in top left corner]
I most
sincerely trust
that Pagenstecher
will have no difficutly
with your eye-trouble, + that
Mrs Frazer will be benefitted by the

My dear Dr Frazer,
It is always a great
delight to me to receive a letter from you,
+ yours of July 14 has given much
pleasure to both myself + Howitt, to
whom I showed it. My wife + I went
to his house yesterday afternoon, + stayed
the night there, so that I might have
an opportunity of going over with him
what we may call his Mura mura
chapter. He is going to send you a
duplicate of the MS, so I need say
nothing more about it here than that
it shows conclusively that the
Mura mura were "dream time" blackfellows.
It is not clear that they were actually
the Dieri ancestors, for it is said that
they found a number of [crossed out - partially] undeveloped
human beings, whom they carved into shape,
fashioning their limbs +c, + that these

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