actually thanked me for it. So you
will doubtless receive copies of the "Leader"
with the illustrated articles in them.
May I suggest that when you get them you
write a line of acknowledgement to him
direct? It will make him amiable, + we
may want to get something more out
of him. (David Syme Esq. "Age Office, Collins St., Melbourne)

I have no recollection of the parts of
your Golden Bough (new Edn) on which I sent you a
few notes. I have marked a number of places,
but cannot remember which of them I annotated in my
letter. If you will send it back to
me, I will try to send you something more.

I had a letter from Spencer dated July 15
They were then at Barrow Creek + on the eve of going farhter
north. He gives his new address as Powell
via Port Darwin, + a letter from
you would give him great pleasure. But I
daresay you also have heard from him

My sister, Mrs Potts, after a year of
wandering among out Kinsfolk, has settled
again in rooms at Cambridge - 52 Trumpington
St. opposite the Fitzwilliam. I am sure
she would be glad if Mrs Frazer would call
upon her. Her late husband gave £1000 to
Yours very sincerely
Lorimer Fison

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