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What Mr Bulmer says speaking of myths at p. 422-424 of vol. 1 Brough Smyth
is as follows - The Aborigines of the Northern parts
of Victoria say that the world was created by beings
whom they call Nooralie - beings that existed a very
long time ago - - - they believe that the beings who
created all things had severally the form of the
Crow and the Eagle. There was continual war between
these two beings, but peace was made at length.
They agreed that the Murray blacks should be
divided into two classes, the Muk-quarra or
Eaglehawk and the Kil-Parra or Crow.

[Inserted in left margin]
Ask Bulmer
which tribes
in the "Northern
Parts of Victoria
[has this- crossed out] this
refers to.

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