meeting of the tribe, and goes
through a ceremony, at which
none but the men of the tribe
already initiated, and those
about to be initiated, are
present; he is there re-christened
and has a tooth knocked out.
2nd The ceremony is performed
by the old men of the tribe; the
gins being excluded, and should
a gin by accident or otherwise
witness the ceremony and it
were known the penalty is death.
The penalty of revealing the
secret rites, I think is wd be the same.
To perform these rites a large
oval space is cleared, to
which none but those initiated
and those about to be initiated,
are admitted. I could not get
a full description of the
ceremony, but when the tooth
is knocked out and a loud humming

noise is heard which is made
with an instrument quite unlike
your diagram [illustration on this line].
my illustration is more like it.
It is a piece of flat thin board
with serated [sic]edges, a hole through
one end to which a string is
attached, and this swung
rapidly round, produces a
humming noise. The
uninitiated are not allowed
even to see this instrument.
3 The name for medicine man
or wizard is "Watinard" and
the office is Turedebury.
4th There are no special news
carriers or messengers, the
young men performing
this office as occasion requires.
5th the oldest and most
repercussed of the tribe is
chief, insomuch that his
advice and assistance is asked.

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