Mulurulu Balranald
N.S.W. Apl 20th 1881

A W Howitt Esq
Sale. Gipsland [sic]

Dear Sir
While in Melbourne I received yours of the 26th ult,
and regret that I was unable to visit Gipsland [sic],
as it would have given my great pleasure to meet you.

I have read Kamilaroi + Kurnai through
with great interest, and I do not see much
that my own experience does not confirm:
still, there are some passages that I would
like to comment on. I note that you
point out, in reply to remarks in my
last letter, referring to page 10 of the work;
that Dr Morgan's statement applies only
to certain tribes [underlined]: you say that in the Coopers
tribe "Communal marriage is in strong
force" and that "a woman cohabits with a
number of husbands, and habitually resides
with one". This, in a way, proves that she
has an individual husband, as well as
the communal. Now, I think that in
reading Dr Morgan's statement, the reader
would infer that among certain Australian
Tribes, there was no such thing as marriage
of the individual; but, that, provided certain

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