Mulurulu Balranald
July 16th 1881

A. W. Howitt Esq
Sale Gippsland

Dear Sir
I am in receipt of your letters of 18th + 21st
ult but have not had an opportunity of
replying sooner. I was very much pleased to
find that Kamilaroi + Kurnai had met with
such a good reception, and it was only natural
to expect that Mr McLennan would take
exception to it. I have gone over the result
slips you sent re the Wata Wata terms of kinship
and will take your queries peratum. No.1 matui
the a [underlined] is sounded as in "bat". 4, 5 + 6 Meemui, this
word is pronounced "meem wee", or between that and
me im wee (i as in fatigue) in fact the ending of all
the words sound like "wee". Say the word be matui
it is sounded something like "mat thōō wee". naponui
'napone wee' (a [underlined] as in bat). No 16 This word is meemui; a
man calls his father's mother meemui and she
calls him the same. 24 Kokonui 32 Tatui (a [underlined]
as in father this is the word I put down as given but
I will make further enquiries when opportunity
occurs and let you know 45 + 46 the words are
the same though I have spelt them differently.

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