very intelligent. He gives me the following Tribes
as being on friendly terms with each other
Wonghi, Berryit, Kalkugal (occupying country north
west of Balranald) ie Kalkugal occupies it.) "Warradgerry"
a Lachlan Tribe "Barkingi" on the Darling, Wata Wata
"Muthi Muthi" a murrimidgee [sic] tribe below Balranald
and "Tah tah thi or Tah tah tee" the tribe living
about Euston. My informant is Wata Wata
though now living in Berryit territory. He
told me that he was "Narrnyarri" as well as
Wata Wata and he has promised to try and
get me invited to a Bora which they talk
of holding in a few months and allow me
to see the initiation. I would not mind being
initiated myself even at the risk of losing a tooth.

My opinion is that each is a separate tribe with
some bond of union between them all and that
according to the distance separating them is the amount
of intercourse between them. He told me that the Swan
tribes occasionally came among the Wata Wata
They (the Wata Wata called wild blacks [underlined] "Wareet".
The great spirit [underlined] of the Wata Wata is called "Thataspule"
but they do not believe that animals have spirits
nor do they believe that the spirits of deceased mortals
eat food or warm themselves but they believe that
such spirits wander about in the vicinity of their
graves and that they communicated with living
friends teaching them songs giving them magical
power etc. I showed your sketch of the mode of burial
of the Omeo tribe and though it doesn't exist here
he seemed to think it would be an excellent plan for
keeping the deceased in his proper place: here their
mode of burial is the same as our own.

I know that on the west side of the Wimera [sic] they had
a belief that the deceased could visit the earth

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