Mulurulu Balranald
[July-crossed out] August 3rd 1882

A.W. Howitt Esq
Sale, Gipsland [sic]

Yours of 22nd ult. is to hand as well
as the M.S. for which accept my best thanks.
I read the latter great interest and as you
asked me to express my view freely I will do so.

My essay was finished before I received
the M.S. but it would not have altered any
views I had formed because in most of what
you say I concur. As you are aware I always
looked upon the sub divisions into four classes
as an extension of a reformatory movement
having for its object the prohibition of consan-
-guinous marriages and this I have mentioned
in my paper. I scarcely think it can
be showed that the cause of prohibitions of
intercourse between son in law and mother in
law arises in the manner indicated in your
paper. You commenced your argument by saying
"I take first the more ancient system having only
two classes with uterine descent"; but your
argument is confined to this system as you
do not refer afterwards to any other system.

[written perpendicularly at top of page]
Do you think that
the legend concerning
the Bukumuru is
connected with
the totem system
I have an idea that
certain groups say
kindred having
totem names believe
that they are descended
from an ancestor
who at the general
was changed into
the animal
wholse name they
now bear.

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