July 24 1883

AW Howitt Esq
Sale, Gippsland

Dear Sir
By this mail I am sending any
paper on the Aborigines of NSW, It is written
in two books and if you think it would
be better with the leaves separate, perhaps
you would not mind doing it for me. If
you would read it over and score such
any portions you think unsuitable or not
worth sending I would be obliged. I send
it to you [...dly?] to do as you think best
with it. You will find one or two perhaps
as for instance this came of mutual avoidance
between mother in law and son in law
and his theory of the Kurnai system.

You will find also some remarks about
the bat and night jar at the close of my
paper. I have a strong idea that this
Wimmera tribe was organised much on these
Kurnai tribes are and possibly the bat
and night jar were regarded by the
Mukjarawaint in the same way that

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