they are by the Wathi Ta-la-thi and
other tribes, The fact that the men call
the women by the name of the night
jar and the the woman call the men bat
occasionally makes me think that these
two names take the place of yeerung and
Djeetgun in Gippsland]] and I think there
is something connected with these two
names that is important if one could
get at it properly. I have placed a crude
map of the Districts of some of the tribes
in my paper. I may say here that
I found the greatest difficulty in obtaining
accurate information as to the names and
[?????] line of boundary of thribes and in some
cases the names I have give may not be the
names by which the poeple call themselves
as I find that some tribes call themselves
by different names to what they are called
by thier neighbours. Determining what is
a tribe and what is a clan is another great
difficulty but I think I have given were
totally correct. You will see a great
resemblance between the Biri-ite &
Barkinji languages by looking over
the vocabulary. I suggested they are

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