the different clans of our tribe which
my informants would not hear of it
I suggested that before the tribes came here
the Biri-ite blacks must have been forced
to go into the rivers in Summer time; he said
that now and then they did but went in
a sufficiently strong party to fight
any party of the river tribes they might
meet and that when they had [??]
water they [??????] on what they
obtained from Mallee roots and from their
[??] of a species of hakea. I was told
that a proof of their being totally
distinct tribes was that any old
Barkinji blacks could [???] and that
NO Biri-ite could.

I think I have before said that
I think the Barkinji was avery
extensive tribe - perhaps occupying
a large [boundary?] then I hd further
enquiries made among a different
lot of Wonghi blacks about this
marriage-laws and I find I there
is no mistake in supporting that

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