Lammamoor Oct 31st
Ackd 28/11[?]/85 [?]
Alfred Howitt, Esq
Sale Gippsland Victoria

Dear Sir
I feel quite ashamed to write to you
tis so long ago since I got your last letters.
I have been most busy: closing a long partnership,
selling some runs, and buying others, that I have
had but little time for anything else.
Dr Beddoe has gone, I regret to say he would
not help me to give you the information you
required. I have gone over all your queries
today and I fear I cannot answer your
questions accurately, of course I have an
idea of many of your questions, but I refrain
from attempting to answer them as I have
my doubts as to their accuracy. However,
what is in my power, and you can rely
upon its accuracy, lies in the dot tracing
I have made on your map, showing the
boundary lines of the various tribes in this
district, and the names of them.

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The only one I am doubtful of is No. 9 I
think it lies more to the eastward towards
the Alice and Barcoo. I feel I could
answer more of your queries if I met you
personally and had some of my most intelligent
blacks with us, is there no probability
of you coming north? Would you like
a water color head of two Daleburra
male and female? I shall make another
attempt and try if I can give you some
more information, especially upon the theme [?]
of relationship. The drought is ? very
bad, if no rain falls before Feb I fear ruin
will fall upon many. Griffith’s Land Bill
is most damaging to Lessees, and must injure
the future advance of Queensland much.
I hope to go to Tenterfield N.S. Wales in
December to escape the hot months here
during the rainy season, if we are ever to have

Yours faithfully
R. Christison

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J Gibson

1. Robert Christeson’s name appears spelt with both an e and an i . The latter, Christison, seems the most frequent, however in the death notice for his wife Mary in 1879 it is spelt Christenson, which suggests this is the spelling he used. See: http://newspapers.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/901154
2. Robert Christeson established Lammmermoor Station, near Hughenden, in 1863. For brief biographical facts, see: http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/whats-on/exhibit/online/travelling/christison
3. The notes about the map in the Museum Victoria catalogue say that Christeson put in the 9 inked tribes and that Howitt pencilled in 14. However, as Christeson in his letter says he has listed the names of the tribes he marked, it seems more likely that his are the pencilled ones (because there is a list 14 tribe names below the map) and the 9 inked-in ones are those marked by Howitt on the map he sent to Christeson. The note on the bottom of the map was probably by Howitt.
4. Dr. Beddoe was a brother-in-law of Robert Christeson. See: http://www.hughenden.com/AccountData/21/content/docs/OriginofPlaceNames.pdf