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about it before women, one landlady
and her niece being there to the fore.
He said "I say, you my boss.
That is true. They don't know
what you + me talk about.
Well, boss, you give me one
little nobbler." "No", said I.
"I give you flour, tea, sugar.
I won't give you nobbler. There's
a big meeting in Gippsland now,
and all the old men say there is
to be no nobbler there." "Look
here boss", he pleaded. "We aren't
in Gippsland. This is Wangaratta.
You give me one small nobbler
then I go home." But I was
obdurate. I told him to go to
the camp, + sleep, + then bring
me an old man on the morrow.
The next day was Sunday, +
unfortunately the old man came
while I was at Church. I could
not find out where the camp
was; + having to return by morning
train on Monday, I saw them
no more. But I will pay them
another visit.

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Many thanks for your kind invitation,
but I have an engagement here
for Sunday next which makes it
impossible for me to go to Sale.
My pass expires on the 19th inst.
I will ask for a renewal, as I
have finally decided not to leave
for about 6 weeks, or perhaps
a little more.

I found Thirlwall's Greece
at the Library of the Congregational
Church in Collins St. today, +
looked up the passage referred to by
Liddell + Scott. I find the 30
γεννητμ depend upon the rendering
of the word τριαλαμ in a passage
in Pollux referred to in a note.
This rendering seems doubtful
to me, + I will hunt up Pollux
tomorrow at the P.L. I have
not been able to get at the
Panathenaian of Müller. But
old Morrison, the Hebrew Professor,
was at the Cong: Church Library,
+ I got him to hunt up the
"Strange Woman" for me in
Gesenius. We traced the phrase
through all its occurrences, +
found my surmise to be correct.
The Strange Woman when = harlot

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