18 Sep '92

My dear Howitt
I have looked up the
Antakerinya terms - K + K p. 36
but there is nothing to be
made out of them as to the
line of descent, because we
can't be sure which pairs of
the terms belong to the primary
classes, or Major Totems. But
the case is quite clear in the
tribe treated by your informants.
There could not be Snakes, or
Emus, in both [underlined] of the primary
classes, as there must be, according
to the marriages + descents given,
if descent be through the mother.
As you said, the "other edible
things" probably refer to minor
totems, though it may be that
the two Snake divisions "wear

[written across date at top of page]
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Not sure how to link to alternative spellings 'Antakerinya' and 'Antakerrinya'.