"Attic Tribes"
in the case of "Neaira"
from Mr Fison. 4 May 1882 [underlined]

[First 9 lines in Greek]
= Timestratos of Hekale,
Xanthippus of Eroiadoe, Eualkes of Phalerum,
Anyts of Lakia, Euphranor of Algilia
Nikippes of Kephale give existence that
they and Phrastor of Aigilia belong to
the Gennetai who are called the Brytidai
and that when Phrastor sought to bring in
his son to the Gennetai, they knowing
that Phrastor's son was born of
Neaira's daughter prevented Phrastor
from bringing in his son: - Neaer 79.
(1) I have satisfied myself beyond doubt
that the names here after the men's names are
the names of demes. So that we have 7 men
of one aggregate of Gennetai (I forbear
for the present to say "of one γενος) enrolled
in 6 different demes.
2. (Greek script) I have translated "to bring in"
purposely to match the ascertained fact
that its meaning is "to cause to be
enrolled" when used in this connection.

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Helen Gardner

This letter from Fison to Howitt contains a lot of Greek script and is largely based around an article that Fison later wrote with Howitt On the Deme and the Horde. I am not convinced that it is necessarily valuable to our project though it may be significant in terms of the development of Fison and Howitt's ideas about social organisation.