Areopagus And this august
court comes in elsewhere in the case.
For Stephanos who seems to have been the
meanest I considered possibly concurable
even among Greeks, after Phano had
been thrust out by Phrastor managed
to palm her off as full born virgin (!!)
upon the Knigarchen, as whose wife
she administered the oath to the priestesses
of the Bacchi mysteries and was herself
"given as a wife to Kaechre + looked
upon things which none but a pure woman
of full birth had a right to see. Of this
offence the Areopagus took cognizance
and inflicted a fine upon the
Archen but secretly because they had no
authority to punish him. He however
assured them that he had been
deceived by Stephanos into believing
Phano to be all that she ought to be and
on his sending her about her business
the fine was remitted. How instructive
this is showing us the Areopagus still
secretly exercising functions of which it
had been deprived and still retaining
influence enough to enforce secret
illegal decisions.

(4) You observe the names of the demes to
be chiefly local but occasionally
patronymic or eponymic. Hermann
says the coincidence with the eponym
is accidental, but I fancy it is not so.
I take all the names to be local in the
sense - they were given according to

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